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There are many reasons people seek out therapy.  You may be struggling with something specific, needing or wanting to make a change or you may be having difficulties maintaining healthy relationships with yourself or others in your life. Some reach out to want to increase motivation or learn new ways to cope with stress.  Parents may reach out due to concerns regarding their children, or when they feel like they have tried everything they can to help them, and are just needing more tools.  People often reach out when they feel like they are in need a space to share their fears and learn ways to overcome them.  There are many reasons to seek support. 



At times, a therapeutic space can be the start to finding a remedy.  I believe in the power of a safe place and connection in a non-judgment way, partnered with strength based approaches, is key to promoting wellness and understanding. 

Services Offered

Therapeutic Offerings and Common reasons people seek support:

Adult Indivuals

Anxiety or worry

Depression, sadness, overwhelm

Struggles with Self-esteem, body image, or intimacy 

A want for growth and deeper connections

A desire to learn more tools to cope with uncomfortable emotions 

An aspiration to change behaviors that are not serving

A want to increase motivation or ways to help when feeling stuck

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